Our cattery has been registrated since the beginning of year 2006, nevertheless our experience with cats and especially British cats is longer. I have always loved all animals since I was a child, but the biggest breakthrough for me happened when I found a little crying unhappy creature during one hot summer night in Prague – a tabby later named Bezinka. I took the cat home and did not know at that time that I was going to become a cat lover and that it would be a passion for my whole life.  After a short time I have brought a friend for Bezinka from a cat shelter. It was a shy male cat Tomík. Then I desired to have kittens and that is why we have gradually added also British cats. I am also very sorry to say, but Bezinka and Tomík are not already with us…(We lost Tomík under very sad circumstances and we had to find a new home for Bezinka because of big conflicts in the pack. We will never forget them and they still will be the first for us).
We have two breeding female cats at the present time: white Běluška – CH Yasmina Zodiac, CZ and blue Shantinka – CH Batshebu Secret Recipe. Recently we have welcomed a new fawn female cat Fifilotka – Genevive Éclat du soleil to our family.  The boss for all our cats is our blue beauty Bellusek – IC Bellus Secret Recipe, SK. His purchase was not planned, but we definitely don’t regret. His amazingly cuddly and friendly nature makes our life more pleasant.  British cats have charmed me with their “beary” figure, plushy coat, round head and striking eyes. Most of all, I appreriate their nice, calm character which makes them to be a pet also in smaller town dwellings.

Our priority is definitely breeding of pretty, healthy and cuddly kittens corresponding to the type of British cat, i.e. breeding of beautiful bear-like cat with orange eyes and a lovely nature. We put a big emphasis on health and that is why all our cats are tested for FeLV, FIV, PKD, all with negative result, and soon our whole pack is going to be re-tested also for  up-to-date HCM.
Our cats are primarily friends and pets for us, not just a “breeding material” and that is why we do not have cages in any case and  our cats do not suffer from a long-term separation. Hairy pets share a large mezzonet flat with us, sometime they sleep in our bed with us and they help with every housework ☺We feed them with superpremium granules Royal Canin and Hill’s, we add lean back beef, chicken and turkey meat and as a complement quality meat tins, vitamins, cat sweets…