Welcome to The Velvet Revolution Diaries: 2009 relaunch Thirteen years after I made the original site with the translation of my 1989 diary,
I decided to bring it back along with 2 other fascinating diaries on the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution without almost any change to the original site.  Dan Franc
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Velvet Revolution


The Original 1996 introduction
: Once upon a time, I was 16 years old. Like many other 16-year olds around the world - or at least on its Northern Hemisphere - I was at a high school. The only difference might be
that when I was 16, the revolution in the Czech Republic took place.  As a teen, I was thrown into something I had totally not experienced before and ever since - and I felt the history was marching around in a big time parade.
On this web, you can find a description of the event that started the revolution and the first key days of it, as I had laid it on the  pages of  my diary that I actually kept writing only during the revolution.
You can also find additional resources and two more diaries here similar in feel ...

My Velvet Revolution Diary >>>

  diary page   diary page

(sample pages, read full diary in English here)
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My high-school revolutionary statement >>>

diary page

 The official communist propaganda piece / an "anti diary" >>>


The East-European post-revolution "summer of love"
when anything was possible... by a British observer >>>


Anticommunist riots in the eyes of an unwilling
American participant, who got into trouble 

Velvet Revolution Diary

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